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Véronique Vincent & Aksak Maboul - Veronika Winken

Belgian prog-pop legends Aksak Maboul finally polished off their third album, having left it simmering for over 30 years. Good stuff! The release name is so long because Veronique Vincent was technically never on a an Aksak Maboul album, but the whole band joined the Honeymoon Killers in the early 80s, the same time when they were recording these songs and demos. Veronique Vincent has a honey-sweet voice. This song veers straight off into early 80s bliss.

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Tara King th. (feat. Halasan Bazar) - Below Your Deepest Expectations

A beautiful collaborative album was released a week or so ago by Halasan Bazar and Tara King th. Part psychedelic pop dreamscaping , part spaghetti-western riffing, and catchy every which way. These bands need to hang out more often! They sound classic and new at the same time.

Blood Ceremony - Goodbye Gemini

See, lots and lots of flute. I don’t know how I skipped Blood Ceremony while blogging last year. Their record was one of my favourites of 2013. They’re a Canadian occult-leaning doom n’ roll band that flirts with Jethro Tull influences. Fat keys, fuzz guitar, commanding female vocals, and a supremely red vinyl pressing.


colours (Seizure warn.)

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Bullfrog - Isolation

1970s Italian heavy blues rock veterans Bullfrog have donned their old leathers and grabbed their guitars to show the current crop of retro rockers how it’s done: gruff vocals, gritty riffs, and a curve ball, like this song’s great flute solo. The only other doom n’ roll outfit I can think of nowadays playing the flute is Blood Ceremony.

Los Tones - Can't Get Enough

Have to round the night out with some Australian psychedelic pop rock jangle, because it’s irresistible. Los Tones released this fuzzy surf-tinged album at the beginning of October, but it must still be hot there because the songs sounds like driving-to-the-beach music to me.


Kate Shaw 

Monomyth - 6EQUJ5

Be careful. Monomyth's music is the stuff of daydreams: mountain fog stoner rock weaved with star trekking and cosmic tea-time ambience. Simple guitar riffs spun out for over 15 minutes, buoyed by the best keyboard and effects work I've heard all year and a guitarist melting in psychedelia. Their 2014 record's a great leap forward (and their 2013 one was great!).

Owl Oxidant - Riding in My 1950 Sedanette

Went bandcamp diving the other day and came up with this pearl. Owl Oxidant are a psychedelonaut duo from Serbia, all about the long, exploratory jam. They’re definitely a group I’ll be keeping an eye on. Their free-to-download 2014 debut EP is a little too guitar-focused, but I think they’ll grow into this sound.

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