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Bombino - Azamane Tiliade

Bombino is a Berber blues guitar god from Niger. His 2013 album was a blissful ride of trance fuzz guitar riffing and hypnotic percussion backing. It’s triumphantly psychedelic desert rock that’s been an instant hit with anyone who’s heard it.


Yoshitaka Amano

Noura Mint Seymali - El Barm

A good collector friend recommended this record to me today, and everyone must hear it. Noura Mint Seymali is the daughter of Mauritania’s cherished Seymali Ould Ahmed Vall, and is one in a long line of griots/jeli, a caste dating back to the Mali Empire who function/ed a variety of scholarly and musical functions in the North-West African societies. Along with preserving epic and history through their hereditary music training, they at times served as political advisers. Her father composed the country’s national anthem and developed a system of notation for their traditional music. Noura learned from her grandmother how to play a 9-stringed harp called the ardine, reserved for women.

Her 2014 record is a collection of beautifully-weaved, spinning desert psychedelia, her ardine mingling with her husband’s fuzz-tinged guitar and guitar-like instruments. If you liked Bombino or Tinariwen's latest stuff, this might be even better.

Bob Seger - Jesse James

In ‘72 Bob Seger released a record that was almost exclusively blues and r&b cover songs, and it’s one of his most fun albums in my opinion. Every rhythm, solo, and fill feels like the band’s throwing their whole bounce-dancing weight into their playing. Just love it.

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John Lee Hooker With The Groundhogs - Little Dreamer

Today’s a music history day. When blues legend John Lee Hooker toured England in 1964 John Mayall’s band backed him, but during the last week of the tour these Bluesbreakers had to drop off the tour, so Hooker enlisted one of my all-time favourites: the Groundhogs. Not only that, but he liked them so much that he hired them again in 1965, during which time they recorded at least 11 songs, only compiled for this 1996 release. 

Ice Dragon - New Blue Horizon

Recently Ice Dragon and Space Mushroom Fuzz released a hazy psychedelic split EP. The Ice Dragon side strays further into the space, daisy-chains-of-delay-pedals sort of krautrock than their 2013’s psych pop album, but it’s a style of music that I’ve always found good for days so hot you feel like you’re melting.


Charles Harper illustration by Crafty Dogma on Flickr.

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Chicano Batman - Cyles Of Existential Rhyme

Oh dear, it’s been far too hot to be at the computer blogging lately. Here’s something that sounds like summer. Chicano Batman is a soulful bluesy rock band out of California. Their 2014 record’s all thick keys, sweaty solos, and Latin-tinged chords. This is the title track.

Palefeather - Megaloceros Giganteus

Finally some post-rock for the dark-prog fan (Jacula, Black Widow, etc). Palefeather are a brooding, slowburning, organ-fest progressive rock band out of Sweden. I think the debut is a great start, but I’m even more interested in what they’ll cook up in the future. PS: This is 18+ minutes long.

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