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John Gallow - Dark Traveller

One-man-band John Gallow recently released this classic doom n’ roll album, and who could resist something with such a comic book psychedelic cover? The man behind all the instruments, John Gallo, really shines on guitar, weaving together throw-back fuzz riffs that sound like glow-in-the-dark Black Sabbath.

(via alchemybook)

Lenoro - Long Distance Lovin'

Lenoro is a ballsy blues band from Oklahoma whose 2014 debut is a free download on bandcamp. Something about the cover guaranteed for me that this was going to be just-the-right-amount-of-scuzz blues rock, and boy is it. Other songs are one bourbon one scotch one beer mumble sing-alongs, but this song’s their guitarist’s soulful showcase.

Khun Narin - Lai Sing

Khun Narin is roaring folk-oriented psychedelic rock band from Thailand, signed to the label Innovative Leisure Records (think Allah-Las). Last year they enjoyed a bit of viral video success with footage from the usual last phase of their gigs, in which, after a midday feast, the band lights up portable generators and leads a parade toward their local temple.

(via thepoodlebites)

The Fur - Ahn Dré

While it’s still just barely summer, dip into some deep-sea, outer-space instrumental psychedelia. The Fur is a band out of Belgium whose 2014 debut is a perfectly crafted, constantly evolving rock n’ roll odyssey. This is the song where I fell in love: track one. I expect big things from this group in the future.

Causa Sui - Abyssal Plain

A new Causa Sui release is always, always, always a must-listen. They’re something you can spin continuously for days and still feel as though you haven’t heard the same passage twice. Labyrinth rock.

(via wasawolf)

Allah-Las - De Vida Voz

I’ve had these cowboy surf psych songs stuck on repeat in my car lately. Just love it. Allah-Las are a Californian band in love with 60s and 70s West Coast art, sun, and history, and this is the leading track off of their latest, brilliant album. They have a tumblr you should follow.

Silver Firs - Icarus

Silver Firs are a Swiss dream folk pop band that’ve recently released their second EP through bandcamp. It’s delicate, stirring. It’s fog hanging on a cliff. I really like the cover. It’s a shot from a trailer park in Switzerland. Great colours.

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