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Old Testament - Summer Grass

Old Testament is a darling new psych rock project put together by Dead Meadow member Jason Simon, who turned to ex-Black Angels member Nate Ryan (and his bandmates in The Shine Brothers) in order to craft a brooding-but-psychedelic Americana-infused jangle-rock record. Gorgeous blues guitar tone paired with buoyant harmonium and cigarette-smoke-croak vocals: what more could you want?


Will Sweeney

(via alchemybook)

The Icarus Line - Junkadelic

I see The Icarus Line get called “post-hardcore” a lot, but their newest album sounds like straight stoner-sleaze rock n’ roll to me. It’s filled with awesome fuzzed-the-hell-out psychedelic soloing and the sort of noise crashing through the background that you find in the recent releases of Pond and King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard. In any case, I’m hooked!

The Laze - The Face of Terror (Metamorphosen)

The Laze are a seven-person project that’s been whispered about for many years now as the future of progressive rock, and I think they’ve found the medium that best meets the scene’s high expectations. By taking a few pages from the books of Greats like Goblin and Popol Vuh, The Laze crafted an immersive, tense, horror-and-love-filled soundtrack project: scoring the 1925 Phantom of the Opera using a touch of jazz, electronic, metal, and classical influences. You wont be able to tear yourself away. I promise.

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Void Generator - Master of the Skies

Iron-lung stoner rock veterans Void Generator recently put out a new album through bandcamp. I’ve missed their fat psychedelic keys and the crackling-tube-amp heaviness of their riffing, which careens back and forth between doom blues and the peculiarly joyous Italian rock grooves that you find in that country’s prog. This song is more on the 9-minute doom blues epic side, though.

Sun of Man - Whispering Jackoff

You can totally judge this album by its cover. Sun of Man are the best fucking instrumental doom n’ roll band in the business. TheirĀ sophomore album is the latest in a long line of proofs that Australia is the current seat of the psychedelic rock gods. Smoke up and enjoy this instrumental stoner rock journey.


Ian Davenport.

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The Growlers - Going Gets Tuff

Like King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard's latest album, The Growlers' 2014 release is a more laid-back effort, and it sounds quite a bit cleaner than their last. If you need some sunshine-through-your-eyelids surf blues, this should keep you smiling. Catchy, tasteful, a little sleepy, and just the slightest tinge of psychedelia.

Lumerians - Smokies Tangle

Holy shit, some crazy how I never posted a song off of the Lumerians' 2013 record even though it was one of my favourite releases of the year and I paid a boat load of money to get their discography shipped to me… In the future this band will be remembered as progressive rock legends.

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