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Goat - Goatslaves

Swedes have a long rock history of channeling (appropriating) African music, and Goat are the reigning greats right now. Their 2012 record was great, and the 2014 one doesn’t budge very far from it. Hippie drumming, scuzzy guitar riffs, and dreamy captivating rhythms all make for a pitch-perfect highway soundtrack.


Lionel Williams

Big Red Panda - Still Moment

Will you not eat of this cosmic fruit? Big Red Panda are a space rock group from Portugal, and this is the longest star-surfing journey that they’ve charted on this 2014 debut. Click on through to their bandcamp page. This is an enthralling band whose fan-base deserves growth!

The Baudelaires - Broke Down Blues

Oh Australia, your psych surf garage pop is just too good. The Baudelaires  are Lemony Snicket fans that recently released a bouncy little rock record perfect for headphone-walks downtown in the summer evening. This is their bluesiest number, so of course it’s what I’m going to post (I just love harmonica). Give this a listen if you’ve been liking bands like the Murlocs, Jesus Sons, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, etc, etc.

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Black Swift - The World Howls

Yet another astral blues goddess has descended from the heavens. Black Swift's 2014 album is a marvelous piece of psychedelic sailor blues rock, propelled by the American Sally Grayson's vocals and buoyed by the various guitar, harmonica, and carnival keys of musicians gathered in Germany and America. This is the title track, The World Howls.

Blues Pills - Ain't No Change

Blues Pills' debut self-titled full-length is just around the corner. I pre-ordered both the orange and picture disc vinyl, because I'm a total dork for this band. If you’re looking for an astral-goddess-fronted, boot-stompin’-guitar psychedelic fuzz rock group, look no further than this up-and-coming champion of the genre.


Wild Woolly

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Tijuana Panthers - Cherry Street

Here’s a little garage fuzz blues for those late-summer afternoons when you just want to lay outside and shut your eyes and watch the orange behind your eyelids bloom and cool. Tijuana Panthers are a band from California, and this is their chill surf-tinged sophomore full-length.

Bombino - Azamane Tiliade

Bombino is a Berber blues guitar god from Niger. His 2013 album was a blissful ride of trance fuzz guitar riffing and hypnotic percussion backing. It’s triumphantly psychedelic desert rock that’s been an instant hit with anyone who’s heard it.

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